Resting on Laurels

I remember when I stepped on the scale after three months with my trainer and saw I had lost thirty pounds.  I was ecstatic & flying high.  I walked outta that gym feeling taller, prouder than I had in years.  

I had lost THIRTY fucking pounds in  three months after going years without seeing the scale budge.

 I went to a dinner that night & my beloved bread basket came.  I thought,  ‘I just lost thirty pounds,  I can have a piece.’  Then the waitress asked if I wanted anything to drink.

 I thought for a second, then ordered a wine, I mean after all, deserved to treat myself, right?  I went on to have more bread, more wine leading to more poor decisions that weren’t in line with my goal of still having fifty more pounds to lose.  

My trainer was smart; he had me keep a food journal that he checked every time we met.  This way we could prevent me from going on a bender & waiting until the scale goes up to find out.

 His only rule was honesty.  So I was fucked & not in a good way.  I was going to have to write all this crap I just ingested in that damn food journal.  

I saw him two days later & his eyes got huge.  Then he looked at my 10-year-old-daughter, who was with me at that session & said “Hide your mother’s scale”.  He announced from that point forward, I was not allowed to weigh myself,  & when he weighed me he would not tell me the number.  

He told me I was cocky, resting on the laurels of losing 30lbs, and couldn’t be all loosey goosey with my eating.  I wouldn’t be allowed to use the scale as a partner in my indulgent crimes.

I now employ this with my clients who also rest on their laurels and use the scale as an excuse to go off the eating wagon.  I tell them “If you are cocky about all the weight you’ve lost, then I’m going to hide that damn scale, and only I will know if you’ve lost anything!” 


 Click on this video to hear my client who was caught resting on her laurels...

Non Scale Victory

Don’t allow an inanimate object to control your life, your day, or your mood.  

During my weight loss journey there were many victories along the way although the scale was not moving fast enough for my liking.  

In the first three months, my blood pressure normalized for the first time in 5 years.  My blood sugar stabilized & I was able to go off metformin.  My lipid panel normalized so heart disease & heart attack were no longer a concern.   

I could no longer eat the way I used to or I’d get severe heartburn, feel sluggish & cranky, especially if I skipped a workout.  

I no longer hid in pictures. I wanted to go shopping for smaller size clothes.   

My insides were healing & it was finally showing up on the outside. 

I love hearing clients like the one in this video proclaim their nonscale victories for the first time... 


Nothing Half Ass About My Half Marathon

My first half marathon at age 47.  

I’m still amazed I did it.  My goals were get to the starting line, not stop & get to the finish line.  Oh and not die.  

I’m proud I did it but have no desire to do it again.  

My 226lb self never would have been able to do this.   

I ran for her.  

Just Get to the Starting Line

When I weighed 226lbs my trainer would run around the building with me.  

After I lost about 50lbs he would send me out to run alone.  I asked him why he didn’t run with me anymore & he said “I ran with you in the beginning because I wasn’t sure you’d make it around the building even once”.

 I felt like I would die running around that building when I was that heavy.  He would say “Just start & before you know it you will be finished”. 

But even after I lost weight, running was still a struggle for me.  I’d get out of breath quick, and after 3 minutes I wanted to quit. 

When my sis-in-law, a seasoned marathon runner, asked me to do a half marathon with her, for some odd reason,which is still unclear to me to this day, I said “ok”!  

So the training began.  Running 3-4 times a week with someone who is faster & more seasoned than me was frustrating & hurt my ego at times.  

I kept at the training because I didn’t want to die running 13.1 miles.  It scared the shit of me—13.1 miles is a lot more than the laps I had been running around the building.

 Up to that point I’d only run a mile at most. 

I pushed through even when I didn’t want to get up at 4:30 a.m. before the Tucson summer heat kicked in.  A friend even told me I wasn’t built for running & I was too old to run my first half marathon.  

 I was determined to get myself to the starting line.  Yes that’s right, the STARTING line not the finishing line.  

I realized it’s much harder to get myself to the starting line; once the starting gun went off I’d knew I’d finish.  For me the victory was not in finishing the race but actually starting the race.  

 I was begging God the night before to give me food poisoning or a broken toe or anything that would prevent me from getting to that starting line.  Instead he gave me the gift of facing my fear & running right through it.   


In training even on vacation on our 25th Anniversary.  I fell down, got a little hurt but picked myself off & still ran back to our hotel.  


I made it.  The starting line.  Facing my fear head on.   


First 5k


My daughter would run with me on days I needed an extra push. 

My first & only 11 mile run along the Hudson River on vacation.  The night before I was at a scotch bar but I still got up & trained.  I was dedicated to not dying the day of the half marathon.  My fear was my biggest motivator. 


Breaking Down Walls

Watch the video to see how I trained Vanessa to face her fear head on & knock it down.  All this was to prepare her for the Mud Run she was planning on doing. 


All that hard work paid off.  Vanessa earned that Mud Run medal.  She broke down that wall.   She said it was really hard but not nearly as hard as not doing it.  

She said her “I ams” got her through the race.  “I am focused”, “I am doing this”, “I am ready”, “I am breaking down the wall”.  Vanessa learned that her mind is stronger than her body.

Her mind broke down that wall.  

Filthy Fifty

My trainer, Matt Enriquez, gave this workout to me during my 80lb weight loss journey.  Now I’m paying it forward : )

Modify by not using weights for the step backs, jumping lunges & high knee presses.  Just do lunges instead of jumping lunges.  Squats instead of goblet squats.  For the squats be sure your weight is on the heels & push butt back like you are peeing in the woods!

 Step backs make sure knee stays in alignment with ankle not over the toe!  

Make sure you thrust your hips forward aggressively during the swings  & squeeze your butt tight.  

Lunges keep the knee aligned with ankle.

 Pelvic thrust make sure you squeeze your butt tight on way up & pause at the top.  



Sassy & Sober

Click the link below the workout to see how I stayed sober on St.Patty’s Day during my weight loss journey.

Earn your corned beef, cabbage & green beer! Or do this as a fasted workout the next morning to burn off all those indulgences. 



Click here to find out why St.Patrick’s Day is so special for this sassy polish lass: 

Sassy & Sober  

Sassy & Sober  


I gave up muffins while shedding 80lbs but now they are back in my life thanks to this delish product!  

20g  of protein in a muffin?!  

Come in several flavors but this one is my favorite!   

Enjoy your post workout muffin!   




My New Gym

The last 20lbs I lost melted off in the great outdoors. 

The last few bitches I like to call them.  I would meet my trainer in cold weather, scorching hot weather, rain, didn't matter I was there to train. 

Anyone can train in the comfort of a climate controlled gym.  If you really want to condition your body train outdoors. 

You will naturally work on balance navigating uneven terrain. 

You will work with resistance, running against the wind.

Your cardiovascular system will get a workout battling the elements of weather. 

You will work on agility dodging dogs, dog poop & people. 

There are stairs you can climb to lift your booty.  Benches you can do dips off of & step ups on.

My own coach in Arizona, Andrea Atkins, recently reminded me of this. I was complaining that I don't have a gym here in NYC yet.  She replied "A gym? You don't need a gym!  Create your own.  Use the great outdooors as your playground AKA gym."

Thanks Coach!  Even from afar you are motivating me 😘

Something Most Take for Granted...

To all of you sitting at home wishing you could simply walk a store unassisted this one is for you.

 I will never forget this inspiring BAM.  

Love you dearly Lori.  xo

Wall of "I am"

My 'Fit for Life" Junior High class transforming their minds.  

Speaking blessings over their futures.  

Replacing negative tapes in their heads.  

Transformations do not just happen on the scale, they happen in the mind first...ALWAYS!!!!  

Change your mind change your life.  


If you want your children to be "fit for life" choose your words carefully.  Words shape futures.   

My How

Concussion, bleeding & bruised...fell down many times during my weight loss journey but got back up EVERY SINGLE TIME.

My first session with my trainer Matt

Now that I told you my "why" I suppose I should share my "how."

On our first session my sneaky trainer, Matt, told me to read "Everyday Paleo."  I knew what was coming & I wasn't about to have this punk-ass twenty somethin tell me what I can & cannot eat.

 I read that book in one night & started Paleo on my own.  I threw out every non Paleo item in our house much to my daughter & husband's disapproval.

I basically ate nuts, (made my own trail mix, aka Lisa's crack,which Matt took away from me because apparently eating 3 bowls of trail mix does not facilitate weight loss) nut butter,olive oil, avocado, coconut oil, almond milk & coconut milk.  Any kind of protein including steak, chicken, fish, eggs, ground beef, ground turkey, roast, etc. Carbs consisted of quinoa, sweet potatoes, fruit, & veggies.

I did not count calories EVER, & still do not nor do I ever have clients count calories.  It was about listening to my body & eating when hungry stop when full.  Sounds easy right?  Not for someone who ate for literally any reason...I'm bored so I'd eat, I'm sad so I'd eat, I'm celebrating so I'd REALLY eat, etc...I was so out of touch with my hunger & body.

My trainer Matt gave me a few rules. No sugar.  Just like a true sugar addict I said, "You mean cut back right?"  He then said the most important words that I lived by for the next two years "Do exactly what I say & this will work."

I had to write down literally everything I put in my mouth into a journal... Go ahead dirty minds, make your comments. Matt would cross out certain things, then replace them with other options.  I still have all two years worth of food journals.  Yes, it took me two years to lose the 80lbs.

 I trained 3 times a week in personal sessions with Matt doing HIIT(high intensity interval training). We started off in a gym, then moved our workouts to a park in the middle of the Tucson summer of 100+ temps.  The first time I jogged around the outside of the gym, Matt came with me.  Later, he just sent me out to run on my own & I asked him why he didn't run with me anymore.  He said in the beginning he was not sureI'd make it around the building even one time.

He then wanted me to do group training two times a week, but I refused at first.  I had enough trauma from PE class growing up, & didn't care to pay money for the humiliation.

I reluctantly went to where Matt trained small groups & was the fattest girl in the session.  I felt completely out of my element, not being able to do even one sit up, & tripped over the damn jumprope during the WOD (saw that written on the white board & that alone scared the crap out of me not knowing what it meant).

Three years later, I would start my career in this field at that same gym that I was once too intimidated to even enter.

 Every Saturday I took a Pilates class that my best friend taught, the same friend who first introduced me to Matt.   One day a week was active rest, meaning a hike or walk or swim.

The less I had to lose, the harder I had to work.  The last few bitches, as I like to call them, required me to do 2 workouts per day.

Matt also changed up my eating along the way.  I stayed true to Paleo, but added in intermittent fasting, (eating in an 8 hour window only) and did Zone blocks.

Those two years now feel like a blip on the screen of my life.  While in it, though many times I wanted to quit, leave Matt, yell, cry, throw shit, pout, whine & run away.  ( I did all those at some point).  It was not easy, but so fucking worth it.

I decided, I am worth it.