Simpatico by the Sea




Big announcement!! No I’m not pregnant, or moving back to Arizona. But, for all of you clients whose dream it’s been to live with me, I’m about to make your dream (or nightmare) come true!  

Are you caring for everyone else at the expense of your own health? Do you need help putting on your own oxygen mask again? Or maybe for the first time ever?  

If you want to recognize the woman in the mirror again, then don’t waste anymore time!! Sign up for the Simpatico by the Sea retreat and show that woman in the mirror that she is worth it!!  

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Holiday Habits

Click on the link to see what habit Vanessa was determined to break this holiday season. 

It all started with an "I am" on December 2017

See if her "I am" became her reality on January 1st, 2018.


Destinations are where we begin again... 


Who Am I?

At first this made me laugh.  

Since moving to NYC it's a reminder of who I am.  

Sometimes even I forget.  I get lost in the darkness & forget who I am at my core.  That place I draw strength from.

When I feel off balance, shaky & weak.  When I start doubting myself.  When I get bitchy with my husband & daughter.  I know it's because I have forgotten who I am. What I'm made of.  That all the power lies within me not outside of me. 

My clients give back all the love I give to them.  I am so blessed to have them in my life. 


I am BAM Lisa.