My Happy Place

My favorite view from our NYC apartment.  

Elliana's backyard.  

I love to sit on the windowsill & drink my coffee fresh from my new percolator.  I left my Keurig back in Az since it didn't seem like a good idea to pour boiling hot water through plastic.

I add butter for a little fat to ward off the caffeine crash.  And stevia to sweeten it.  

If you ever get a chance try Stumptown coffee.  It's my favorite. It's also our favorite coffee hangout in NYC!   


The night we moved in I drank this looking out at my favorite view.  A little Malbec cures all.  


Afterall, emptying all of this was a bit exhausting.   


Notice my big stability ball, spin bike & weights!  Necessities no matter how small our apartment is!