I gave up muffins while shedding 80lbs but now they are back in my life thanks to this delish product!  

20g  of protein in a muffin?!  

Come in several flavors but this one is my favorite!   

Enjoy your post workout muffin!   




Brush Your Teeth

Make fitness a habit just like brushing your teeth.  

Do you stop brushing your teeth just because you're on vacation?  No!  Do you stop brushing your teeth when life throws curve balls at you? No!   

My goal for all clients is they won't feel good when they skip workouts or indulge too much. 

When I first started on my weight loss journey I was shocked when my trainer had me workout on vacation!  My family was not happy, but we all did it together.  

We do HIIT in small hotel rooms, try out boutique gyms where we vacation, run outdoors enjoying new scenery, and workout on the beach or by the pool.  Sometimes we wake up and want nothing to do with exercising on vacation but we do it anyway.  Other times we indulge too much and feel so gross when we wake up that we can't wait to sweat it out.   

Now it's just part of our routine no matter where we are or what's going on in our life.  

If I don't get my workout I get the same gross fuzzy feeling in my mind and body that my teeth get when I don't brush them.

 It's now officially a habit. Even if I wanted to I'd never be able to go back to my old way of living.

 Thank God.


A client sent this to me while she was on vacation. True success story!