Welcome Back

I truly believe everyone has a badass inside them.  

The moms I train are all BAMs-badass moms.  They come to me feeling weak, drained, powerless, unattractive & a shell of the person they once were.  The underlying cause is always the same. Always.  These women have not put on their own oxygen masks first.

 Just like on the plane, flight attendants give very specific instructions to put on your oxygen mask first.  Only then can you help your children & anyone else in need.  

By hiring me these moms are making a commitment to themselves finally.   In many cases, they are putting themselves first--for the first time in their life.  

They very quickly start to feel alive, more energized, sexual, and sexy.  Everyone around them thinks they've changed.

I know the truth & tell them: "You haven't changed, you've just found yourself.  You have always been a BAM.  You were just hiding under all the layers".  

Welcome back BAM.