Memorial Day Murph

My daughter & I are going to challenge ourselves & do Murph for the first time!  I challenge you to do the same!

 Make sure you time yourself.  Note the times for varying fitness levels.  

Also note the option to do 20 rounds as opposed to how the WOD is listed.

 If you are unable to do pull-ups or aren't able to get to a gym do Lat pullovers instead.  Lie on your back knees bent.  Keep arms staight & pull a weight over your head touch down on ground then back over to belly button.  Keep arms straight entire time.  

Modify push ups by doing on your knees or doing hand release push ups.  No worming! Or you can do push-ups off the wall.  

Always keep your form.  Don't scarifice form for speed.  Better to finish at a slower time than to injury yourself from sloppy form.   

In place of the run you can walk a mile if needed.  

  You got this!!!