Training with Integrity

Misty, one of my clients, was doing proper form for bicycle crunches with hands loose behind the head & elbows wide so I had to shoot this in action!

 Elbow touches the knee each time.  It's not about speed, it's about form!  Better to perform 4 perfect reps, than 20 all sloppy setting yourself up for injury & not getting as much out of the exercise.  

Every rep counts!!!  That means if your elbow doesn't touch the knee don't count the rep!  

If you are doing a timed exercise don't stop before the timer goes off!  It might not seem like a big deal at the time, but it starts becoming a habit & over the course of months that's inches, fat & pounds you could have lost.  

Don't cheat yourself!  Act as though I'm standing over you.  If I wouldn't let you get away with it, so don't let yourself get away with it!

 It's about working out with integrity.  Doing what you are supposed to do even when I'm not watching!  

At the end Misty speeds up demonstrating how NOT to do the bicycle crunches.

Enjoy my slow motion voice...