Crossing Over

Metaphor for my life 5 years ago... 


Five years ago this is where my life took a turn or a walk in a different direction.  

When my husband told me he didn't know when or if he was going to get another paycheck, I was a stay at home mom, & my daughter was in a private, Catholic school.  

I was determined to keep her in the school she'd been in since Pre-k.  I went into her principal's office crying, & she said "We are not losing a family like yours." She handed me a stop sign & a reflective vest, sending me out to the crosswalk.  

My daughter was horrified saying, "Did you have to take the lowliest job in the school?"

My husband laughed saying, "You aren't really going to take a job as a cross walk monitor are you?"  Other mom's also laughed at my new position.

  No comments mattered to me.  I have always been a do whatever it takes, not whatever is comfortable kind of person.  

I had been out of the workforce for 6 years of infertility treatments, then another 8 years of being a stay at home mom.

I needed the quickest route to keeping my daughter in a school that had become a family to us.

 I also knew I needed a job that had the same hours & days off as my daughter.

 Standing in that crosswalk paid exactly enough for my daughter's tuition.

The principal that hired me told me something I'll never forget.  "The crosswalk is the perfect job for you because you just lost 80lbs, transformed your entire life, and altered the course of your life so you are now literally crossing over in a new direction.  You're not able to see the other side yet, but in time you will see that this is a great blessing."  

She couldn't have been more right,  That crosswalk is where my life truly transformed and began anew.