Paleo Police

Great advice... 

Great advice... 

I often wrote notes about how I was feeling in my food journal.  

I found it frustrating when my trainer would give me specific instructions on how & what to eat based on my goals then other people would criticize, question & police my food choices.   Saying things like "Oh my God you can't have fruit?? But fruit is good for you!" Or "Is THAT Paleo?"  

Here is an entry from when I was just 2 months into my weight loss journey.  I'm sure many of you can relate...


The Paleo Police are out in full force now that I decided to change my eating/lifestyle.  

These same people who think nothing of drinking a case of beer, eating an entire pizza AND entire cheesecake in one sitting not to mention have never gotten their heart rate above resting are now asking me if I'm "supposed to be eating olives???"  

First of all Matt is not my warden, I have still have free will & I CHOOSE not to eat anything that will not get me further to my weight loss goal.  Second of all FUCK YOU...try actually changing your own lifestyle before you open your mouth about me changing mine.

What I put in my mouth is between me, my trainer & God.