My How

Concussion, bleeding & bruised...fell down many times during my weight loss journey but got back up EVERY SINGLE TIME.

My first session with my trainer Matt

Now that I told you my "why" I suppose I should share my "how."

On our first session my sneaky trainer, Matt, told me to read "Everyday Paleo."  I knew what was coming & I wasn't about to have this punk-ass twenty somethin tell me what I can & cannot eat.

 I read that book in one night & started Paleo on my own.  I threw out every non Paleo item in our house much to my daughter & husband's disapproval.

I basically ate nuts, (made my own trail mix, aka Lisa's crack,which Matt took away from me because apparently eating 3 bowls of trail mix does not facilitate weight loss) nut butter,olive oil, avocado, coconut oil, almond milk & coconut milk.  Any kind of protein including steak, chicken, fish, eggs, ground beef, ground turkey, roast, etc. Carbs consisted of quinoa, sweet potatoes, fruit, & veggies.

I did not count calories EVER, & still do not nor do I ever have clients count calories.  It was about listening to my body & eating when hungry stop when full.  Sounds easy right?  Not for someone who ate for literally any reason...I'm bored so I'd eat, I'm sad so I'd eat, I'm celebrating so I'd REALLY eat, etc...I was so out of touch with my hunger & body.

My trainer Matt gave me a few rules. No sugar.  Just like a true sugar addict I said, "You mean cut back right?"  He then said the most important words that I lived by for the next two years "Do exactly what I say & this will work."

I had to write down literally everything I put in my mouth into a journal... Go ahead dirty minds, make your comments. Matt would cross out certain things, then replace them with other options.  I still have all two years worth of food journals.  Yes, it took me two years to lose the 80lbs.

 I trained 3 times a week in personal sessions with Matt doing HIIT(high intensity interval training). We started off in a gym, then moved our workouts to a park in the middle of the Tucson summer of 100+ temps.  The first time I jogged around the outside of the gym, Matt came with me.  Later, he just sent me out to run on my own & I asked him why he didn't run with me anymore.  He said in the beginning he was not sureI'd make it around the building even one time.

He then wanted me to do group training two times a week, but I refused at first.  I had enough trauma from PE class growing up, & didn't care to pay money for the humiliation.

I reluctantly went to where Matt trained small groups & was the fattest girl in the session.  I felt completely out of my element, not being able to do even one sit up, & tripped over the damn jumprope during the WOD (saw that written on the white board & that alone scared the crap out of me not knowing what it meant).

Three years later, I would start my career in this field at that same gym that I was once too intimidated to even enter.

 Every Saturday I took a Pilates class that my best friend taught, the same friend who first introduced me to Matt.   One day a week was active rest, meaning a hike or walk or swim.

The less I had to lose, the harder I had to work.  The last few bitches, as I like to call them, required me to do 2 workouts per day.

Matt also changed up my eating along the way.  I stayed true to Paleo, but added in intermittent fasting, (eating in an 8 hour window only) and did Zone blocks.

Those two years now feel like a blip on the screen of my life.  While in it, though many times I wanted to quit, leave Matt, yell, cry, throw shit, pout, whine & run away.  ( I did all those at some point).  It was not easy, but so fucking worth it.

I decided, I am worth it.