Meet Lisa Ceizyk

Lisa Ceizyk is the owner and CEO of Simpatico Mind & Body which she launched in 2017, expanding on the enormous success of her personal training and introducing a new platform in ‘mind body fitness.’ She has combined elements of inspiration, nutrition education, personal training and motivation to transform the lives of an even more diverse clientele than ever. A highly sought after physical fitness professional, personal trainer, and motivational speaker, Lisa has transformed her life, along with the lives of hundreds of clients. She leads the inspiration, education, nutrition, and training support for exclusive high-profile one-on-one clients, teaches her own ‘Fit for Life’ curriculum to public and private K-8 schools throughout Arizona, and trains local employer groups with high intensity interval training sessions. Lisa has also established and expanded her Facebook social media presence, providing daily progress-tracking support for clients through social media check-ins and facilitated support groups. Her Simpatico Mind & Body blog keeps her clients motivated 24 hours a day 7 days a week with inspiration videos and words to help her ‘fit fam’ stay on track with their goals, or get back on track if things go wrong.

In her previous proven track record as a fitness director, Lisa has overseen the opening of new gym locations, hiring, training and supervising new instructors, while setting and exceeding all sales quotas. Her presentations of her own personal motivational story to audiences generated as many as 85% new client contracts.

Recognized for her ability to achieve success with a wide variety of clients, Lisa was also hired by a New York production company to establish and implement fitness testing standards for casting decisions on a nationally broadcast television series to ensure actors/actresses had the aptitude to endure the physical and emotional rigors of action scenes related to the demand of the production schedule.

Graduating with a perfect 4.0 BA in Psychology from University of Arizona, Lisa began her career counseling high-profile celebrity clients with drug addictions, food addictions, and chronic depression. She led clients on a 30-day inpatient treatment program aimed at transforming their lives mentally, emotionally, and physically. She also facilitated group therapy and fitness sessions to work on body image, with positive affirmations and body awareness exercises.

Lisa is so effective professionally in part because she personally knows what is to be unhealthy, addicted to food, and understands both the commitment and support it takes to transform one’s own life. Following a difficult pregnancy with her daughter, Lisa weighed 226 lbs, with 48% body fat, high blood pressure, diabetes, and, according to her doctor, had a significant chance of cardiac arrest. So Lisa committed to transforming her life. She was clear on what she wanted and stayed the course with laser sharp focus. It paid off. Lisa lost 80 lbs, more than half her body fat and is no longer on any meds. Not only has it taught her how to save her own life, but Lisa has also saved the life of her young daughter who was likewise headed down the same path of obesity and poor health.

Fitness is now as much a part of Lisa’s life as are her husband and teenage daughter.